What to bring

The most important items for excavation: comfortable shoes, favorite hat to protect the head from the sun and sunscreen (preferably SPF 50). All essential medications will be provided but it would be useful if participants had their own handy first-aid kit (including a mosquito spray). A mosquito net is not necessary, if someone will need it, it will be provided by the organizers.

What to read

Students are not obligated to read any articles before the course, but if anyone would like to prepare for the excavation in Iran can get familiar with the publications the links are provided below:

Tips for foreigners in Iran

Food and drink

While Iran is an Islamic country, there are some restrictions concerning food and drink but plenty delicious alternatives are present. Chicken, veal, fish and lamb, turkey, quail, lobster and shrimp are readily available in markets and restaurants, but no pork, snake, frog, dog or other types of meat that are banned in Islamic beliefs. All soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages are available, whereas alcoholic drinks are prohibited due to Islamic beliefs.


Due to the culture and religion in Iran, women are requested to wear a scarf that will cover their hair and clothes that fully cover arms and legs. Men should wear trousers because shorts are not very welcome in the area. Loose and airy clothes in light colours are the most comfortable in high Iranian temperatures.


Every foreign member of the team will receive an Iranian mobile sim card that they can use for both their mobile network and also university campus internet. Social media platforms such as Facebook are accessible in Iran. Other recommended applications for communication are for example Telegram and VPN.

Banking system

In Iran, credit cards do not work properly and transferring money between banks is difficult. The best solution is to bring cash (Euros or Dollars) and exchange them into Iranian Rial after arrival. Currency exchange is possible everywhere in the country.


Each participant should purchase health insurance.


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