Faezeh Dadfar

Faezeh Dadfar, University of Tehran

Best course ever! I am not supposed to be a bio-archaeologist. However, I believe that if a student who wants to work in the archaeological fieldwork and takes the most advantage from an excavation, she/he should take participate in such courses. I learned how to behave with bones! Extracting information out of silent bones was the first step that we learned to deal with. Now I am not considered an expert in this area. But I know how to preserve, record, describe, and in some occasions explain the human remains. Bones structures and developments, sampling bones, age categories, diet and nutrition, paleopathological remains, different skeletal stress markers, and finally putting all these information into a practical skill by excavating in a spectacular site. These were just some of the categories that we learnt in the course.

I have been to various courses but I have to admit that this course was one of the best and most fruitful courses that I have ever taken participate.

Saghar Goodarzi

Saghar Goodarzi, University of Tehran

Some months ago I had a chance to experience one of the most beneficial summer schools I've ever taken part with such a brilliant teacher Mr. Sołtysiak and have been profiting from his in depth knowledge and then applying it in the field by excavating graves and working in the workshop. We also had lots of fun in our free times, surfing around beautiful Kashan and making sweet memories.

Tabasom Ilkhan

Tabasom Ilkhan, University of Isfahan

In this summer school I've learned that there are many things we could understand from human remains. These knowledge is very important for the reconstruction of the ancient world. I have never learnt so much in such short space of time. During this period in University of Kashan, we had the privilege of being taught by professor Arkadiusz Sołtysiak and dear Joanna Szymczak from University of Warsaw, Matthew Williams from University of Adelaide. We had lectures on different topics such as aDNA, isotope analysis, paleopathology, sex and age of death assessment which all topics were interesting for me. Also the excavation experience was amazing with Dr Javad Hosseinzadeh. It is not only the course that I enjoyed. Actually this summer school gave me the opportunity to make new friends from different cultures and backgrounds.

Ghasem Moradi

Ghasem Moradi, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili

The workshop was great and informative to me. I have learned to address bone issues in these two years. Now I can recognize different parts of skeletal remains. Isotopic and DNA analysis were my favourite parts of the course. However, I think that DNA analysis is not affordable to me financially. As a student who is interested in physical anthropology, I think this workshop has learnt me more than that any books...